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One-on-one consultations

Training help that makes house calls!  We will come to you and evaluate the environment, the bird(s), and you in your unique situation.  After an initial assessment, we can get you on the right track with a customized plan.  As you see behavior change, we will help you make adjustments for the best possible results.  This is a great way for YOU to hone your training abilities!

Video chat consultations

When a house call is not possible, video chat consultations are a great option.  These sessions will keep you on track and accountable while you modify behaviors with the help of a professional.  Be ready to keep up with your training homework.  Consistency is key!  New clients get a FREE 30 minute video chat consultation!  Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Lectures and Classes

Calling all bird clubs, rescues, and societies!  Want to offer parrot owners and bird enthusiasts a fun way to learn more about birds?  CBC offers educational talks and interactive lectures focused around a variety of topics related to bird behavior and training.  Contact us so we can be CREATIVE and plan an amazing educational experience for your group!

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