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Board and Train

Leave your bird in the care of a professional with years of experience!  CBC offers a secure and covered outdoor aviary perfectly suited to house birds of all sizes and species.  Heat/fans are available when necessary, and indoor boarding is available when weather conditions are extreme or if advised by a vet.   


Training requests are INCLUDED in your bird's stay for no extra charge, so be ready to discuss your training goals so we can work on them while you are away!  We specialize in providing care that includes more than just the basics.  Every bird that stays with us will receive personalized training and enrichment on a daily basis.

Pricing ranges from $35-$45 per night depending on the size of the bird(s) and number of birds boarding.  Please contact us for a quote so we can customize a plan for you!

If you are interested in boarding with us, please read the Creative Behaviors Consulting Bird Boarding Policies and Release of Liability available here:

AVIARY photos

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