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  Promoting positive connections between humans and animals 

Creative Behaviors Consulting

About Jess EulianO

Certified Professional Bird Trainer -Knowledge Assessed (CPBT-KA)

Jess has been fortunate enough to work with animals professionally since 2008!  She has shaped her career by learning from her experiences at zoos, aquariums, wildlife sanctuaries, rescue organizations, and research facilities.  Some of her projects while working at Zoo Tampa (accredited by AZA) include:

- Raised and trained 10 macaws to free fly through the zoo as a group, covering about 1/2 mile of total distance ("Macaw Flyover Experience")
- Trained bald eagles, a Martial eagle, and an Andean condor (along with many others!) for a free flight bird show 
- Raised and trained servals and clouded leopards for encounters with the public
- Mentored staff and interns as they developed their skills as trainers and presenters


Jess has learned how her success as an animal trainer can be measured by her ability to mentor and teach someone else these skills. This is what inspired her to help people who work with animals in ANY capacity to be successful.  The name Creative Behaviors Consulting perfectly captures how animal training is both an art and a science.  She strongly believes that the best trainers possess the gift of endless creativity.  This art, along with the science of psychology, is the best way to set an animal up for training success. 

Creative Behaviors Consulting was established in January 2017.  Since then, Jess has helped many clients reach their training goals and achieve harmony with the animals in their lives.  Each client presents a new set of variables, which has allowed her to continue to hone her skills as a trainer and share these methods with others.       

Jess is certified by the International Avian Trainers Certification Board (IATCB) and is a professional member of the International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators (IAATE) since 2011.  She is also a member of the American Federation of Aviculture (AFA) and the Pet Professional Guild (PPG).    

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Why Train?

Strengthening your relationship with the animals in your life through training will allow you to easily modify behavior and achieve your goals. Training also provides mental stimulation that is essential for the well being of all animals that rely on humans for their care. It should be fun for all parties involved! This is why we apply positive training techniques and believe in giving animals the ability make choices in their training sessions.

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Training the Trainer (That's You!)

Our mission is to help you achieve your training goals with the animals in your life. The key word here is YOU! It is empowering to know that you can modify behavior in a positive way on your own. We want to give you the tools to do it! Training animals takes practice and patience, but the rewards are huge.

Understanding Behavior

Any time you are in the presence of an animal, learning is happening even if it's not a formal training session! Animals observe us as we observe them. If we misinterpret the behavior that is occurring, how can we properly modify it? Learning what an animal's behavior means takes time and practice, but it is very important in order for you to reach your training goals.

Creativity is Key

An important part of changing behavior successfully is being inventive. There are lots of ways to create an environment where progress can be made. Sometimes trying a few different things is necessary in order to figure out what will work for a unique situation.  This requires thinking outside the box! The great thing about behavior is that it is not set in stone and can always be modified.

Bird Training

Birds are what we specialize in! They can be challenging because of their high level of intelligence, but that is why we love them! Companion parrots can be an overwhelming responsibility, as they require quite a bit of attention and care.  Birds are not a domesticated species, so understanding their behavior may not be as familiar as species such as dogs and cats.  If there is a breakdown in communication, owners may begin to see undesirable behaviors.  Many of the "problem" behaviors arise from misinterpretation or simply not being familiar with natural parrot behavior.  Once these behaviors are better understood, we can create a training plan that will allow us to make modifications over time.  We help clients with a variety of challenges including: reducing unwanted behaviors, training useful and more positive behaviors, incorporating effective enrichments, building trust with rescue birds, and much more.  No bird is too difficult!  CLICK HERE for more info on services for companion parrot owners. 

Dog Training

Dogs are amazing! They have an innate sense of the cues that humans give them.  This is an incredible tool to use for training, but it can also be a pitfall. It is easy to accidentally reinforce behaviors that you might not want.  There is no need to "dominate" your dog because training should enable clear communication between human and animal participants.  Positive reinforcement training is backed by science and research, so it has been shown to be successful across species, including humans.  This is why these training techniques are preferred.  Creative Behaviors Consulting is thrilled to be partners with Courteous Canine Dog Smith of Tampa.  Courteous Canine focuses on positive reinforcement and force free training.  If you are interested in dog training, visit the link above for more info.   

Sanctuaries and rescues

With a background in working with ambassador animals in a zoo setting, this is something we are very passionate about. The animals that provide up close experiences are very influential to the guests that visit your facility. They will remember these encounters forever! We have experience developing behaviors for a wide variety of species in many different settings (shows, encounters, and educational programs). We understand the importance of incorporating the appropriate messaging and making it fun and engaging at the same time. The public opinion about animals in human care has shifted in the recent years. Encounters like these allow us the opportunity to talk about how we train the animals and why we use positive reinforcement techniques. We can show guests that animals participate in training because they are choosing to!  Furthermore, we can show them how to achieve this with the animals they care for.  Contact us so we can discuss ways to enhance your impact as trainers and educators at your facility!

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"Jess is awesome.  She has taken time with us as new bird owners to help us with the tools we need for our birds to be part of our family.  I am so glad to have her in my treat bag of success!!!  You rock Jess!!"

--  Bobbie F.

"After boarding my 33 year-old yellow-collar macaw with Jess for 10 days, I couldn't be happier!  Not only did she work with him in a training capacity, she also communicated with his Veterinarian on a variety of nutritional and health-related things.  Then came the detailed report on feeding, nutrition, and training instructions which will help us tremendously.  Amazing service, incredible knowledge and a heart for animals!  I would highly recommend her as a boarding provider as well.  Thanks Jess!!"

-- Jean F.

"In Belize, Barn Owls are often viewed as “the bird of Death, Evil and Misery," sadly resulting in persecution.  At The Belize Zoo, we have developed an aggressive environmental education program on behalf of these important raptors.  Developing rescued Barn Owl, “Magic” into a star Ambassador Owl for her species, was a huge priority.  Consulting with Ms. Jess Euliano about effective training techniques truly enhanced this training project.  Magic, now eight weeks old, travels to local schools, and “Meets and Greets” many education groups at The Belize Zoo.  She has brought forward a better understanding about barn owls, in a relatively short amount of time, to many people in Belize, Central America."

-- Sharon Matola, Director of The Belize Zoo

"I have a 17 year old African Grey that began mutilating under her wing about five years ago. It has been the most disheartening and frustrating experience. Jess has been working with Daisy and I for a few months now. She is amazing with my bird. In a few short sessions, she has Daisy responding to her. Jess reads my bird incredibly well, and finds ways I never would have thought of to bring Daisy around to being inquisitive and curious and willing to learn. It is a huge learning curve for me, and thankfully Jess is patient and understanding with me as well. Because after all, it’s me who has to learn to interact the right way to help Daisy get better and live a happier more fulfilled life. I highly recommend Jess to anyone who wants to learn to be a better bird ‘parent’. She will open your eyes to many things that can only improve your life and that of your bird."

-- Barbara A.

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